Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Your child’s future matters. It matters to you, and it matters to us.

As an International British school, we are enriched by a hugely diverse community. We welcome children and young people from all corners of the globe – into our caring and compassionate community.

Our students are warmly welcomed at our school and we are proud of our history and heritage celebrating this throughout our school, from our curriculum and uniforms, to our discipline, culture and values.

As with the best international British schools, we create a vibrant atmosphere in which students are encouraged to flourish each day through an outstanding education and extra-curricular opportunities.

Our highly qualified, international teachers tailor their approach to your child to deliver outstanding pastoral care that inspires, supports, and motivates each student to become a resilient and ambitious learner.

We are very proud of our academic success, with exceptional results at each stage of students’ development. Our IGCSE, AS, and A-Level students outperform the global averages, and achieve phenomenal results that gain them entry into top universities around the world.

Together, we can bring out the full potential of all students who join us at CSB, as we work side-by-side to challenge, nurture, and guide them toward becoming the people they were meant to be.