Parent Social Association

Parent Social Association

Parents are a great source of inspiration and creativity, and they understand their children and their children’s needs from a completely different perspective. Taking this valuable connection into account, Cambridge School of Bucharest has established the Parent Social Association in March 2022. Our PSA is comprised of parent representatives from each year group and one senior member of CSB staff coordinating the association.

The objectives of the PSA include co-organising whole-school events, fostering partnerships with educational institutions both in Romania and abroad, and supporting school management in providing opportunities to students that will further their education and benefit their future careers. In addition to this, our PSA aids in organising school trips, contests, festivities, charity drives, and international fairs.

The PSA members are fully dedicated in promoting multiculturalism and diversity at CSB and promote the civic, democratic, and internationally accepted values that underpin the work we do at CSB.

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