A well-rounded education is more than simply academics and behaviour. At CSB, we believe in an education that takes the whole child into account, and this approach ensures that our students have the confidence, self-awareness, and independence necessary to succeed in the world beyond our campus.

The emphasis we place on the wellbeing of our students is evident in all aspects of our curricula, student life, and extra-curricular activities. Our Primary and Secondary students enjoy time-tabled circle time and PSCHEE lessons that provide them opportunities to express themselves and connect with each other.

Additionally, all or our year groups benefit from dedicated form tutors (classroom teachers in the Primary). The CSB tutorial system fosters our students’ personal and social growth, so that they develop a sense of individual responsibility and an awareness of health and social issues. Form tutors also serve a daily constant in the lives of our students so that they feel connected and secure.

An important aspect of student wellbeing is student voice. When students feel listened to and truly heard, engagement increases, academics rise, and behaviour improves. Throughout the year, students partake in various surveys and questionnaires that gauge their feelings toward both the school and themselves. This provides valuable insight into the school experience of students. Our students also have access to leadership and development opportunities in our vibrant Student Union.

To round out our focus on student wellbeing, we offer access to a specialised school counsellor who is trained to work with students and parents on a range of issues and concerns that may impact a student’s life both inside and outside the school.

Our whole-child approach to education gives students the security and confidence to achieve their goals and test their ambition.

Cambridge School of bucharest

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