CSB provides a wide and varied range of extra-curricular activities and clubs for students of all ages and abilities. Our school believes that students deserve a safe space to pursue their passions, and this includes opportunities to explore outside of the traditional classroom. To provide access to exploration, we provide a full range of clubs and activities that encourages our students to expand their interests and helps students grow as fully rounded individuals.

Each term, our teaching staff puts together a comprehensive programme of clubs and activities that includes sports and athletics, the creative arts, language and creative writing, debate and public speaking, science and outdoor learning, and so much more.

Through this programme, students from EYFS to Sixth Form are able to discover new interests and talents and develop friendships with students from other form and year groups. In Secondary, students are encouraged to take leadership roles in the development of the clubs and activities they participate in, which provides them a valuable experience to benefit from and give them agency as they pursue their passions.

Our expansive extra-curricular programme truly provides endless opportunities.

Cambridge School of bucharest

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