The AI Education Revolution Is Here. Are You Ready? 

Join us at the 2023 AI in Education

Join the future of education at A.I.DUCATION ’24, the premier AI in education event uniting educators, innovators and policymakers. Taking place in Bucharest, Romania on 2nd March 2024, this one-day conference explores how AI can transform teaching and learning.

Through inspiring keynotes, hands-on workshops, and lively discussions, you’ll discover how AI can support educators, enrich instruction, and empower students.

Key Topics

  • Implementing AI ethically and effectively in the classroom
  • Using AI to enhance lesson planning, assessment, and feedback
  • Preparing students for an AI-driven future
  • Fostering critical perspectives on AI’s role in education
  • Developing policies to guide AI integration in schools

Featured Speakers

Dan Fitzpatrick – The renowned “AI Educator” and author of “The AI Classroom.” An expert on practical ways to use AI tools like ChatGPT to transform learning.

Darren Coxon – A leading voice on AI in education. His unmatched expertise in harnessing AI to improve student outcomes makes him a must-hear perspective.

AI Innovators Panel: Engaging discussion with well-known speakers and local innovators reflecting on AI’s growing impact in education.

Hands-on Workshops: Get hands-on with AI through immersive workshops led by top experts like Dan, Darren, and Matthew Wemyss, as well as innovative companies like Diagon Esports, ThingLink, Mindjoy and the Inventor Club – more to be announced!

Benefits of Attending

By attending A.I.DUCATION ’24, you will:

  • Gain hands-on experience with AI through interactive workshops
  • Network and exchange ideas with peers pioneering AI
  • Develop an action plan to integrate AI effectively in your school
  • Hear from renowned experts at the forefront of AI in education
  • Help shape the ethical future of AI in the classroom

Registration and Tickets

Tickets are 85 euros per person. This covers admission, meal, and refreshments.

Space is limited, so secure your spot today!

What You’ll Miss

If you don’t attend A.I.DUCATION ’24, you’ll miss:

  • The inside scoop on the latest AI developments from leading experts
  • Insights from fellow educators on implementing AI successfully
  • Hands-on workshops to experience AI tools firsthand
  • Networking with innovative peers pushing the boundaries of AI in education


A.I.DUCATION ’24 is in association with COBIS

Join us on our mission to explore how AI can positively transform teaching and learning. Register for A.I.DUCATION ’24 today!

This event is in association with COBIS