Vision, Ethos and Aims

Vision, Ethos and Aims

Mission Statement

At Cambridge School of Bucharest, our principle mission is to create a forward-thinking academic environment that prepares students for the 21st century with a keen focus on their spiritual, moral, and social development. Through wide-ranging, interconnected academic application, we aim to nurture independent and broad-minded global citizens who possess the qualities of innovation and consensus-built leadership necessary to effect positive change in both their local and international communities. To that end, we offer an inclusive education that provides support and encouragement to gifted and talented students and those with unique educational needs alike. We are committed to fostering individuals who possess a strong sense of citizenship, responsibility for their environmental impact, cultural respect, along with a sense of duty and an appreciation of hard work. 


Cambridge School strives to ensure that our school meets the needs of students from nursery to secondary school graduation via a set of well-defined aims.


To assess that students are able to maintain a solid understanding of their own progress throughout their time at school. By monitoring, assessing, and building on students’ acquired learning, teachers incorporate new information into a firm foundation of existing knowledge, skills, and information in all areas.


To empower students to take responsibility for their own learning and to engage with their studies on a personal level through the application of intellectual, physical, and creative efforts, thereby promoting self-motivated, interdependent learners.


To support qualified educators in producing well-planned lessons, effective varieties of teaching methodology, and a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter taught through a seamless network of devoted staff. Lessons are delivered with the use of a range of teaching styles, classroom resources, and multi-media equipment and are delivered by native and proficient English speakers alike to ensure the highest level of English instruction.


To ensure that a framework for assessing students’ progress is implemented in order to understand, examine, and diagnose the aptitudes of each individual student. This provides every student with the opportunity to make outstanding progress and equips him or her with the skills required to achieve academic and personal excellence.


To employ firm and consistent strategies for managing behaviour across the school. These encourage students to act responsibly and respectfully at all times and enable every student to study in a safe and inclusive environment. 


To uphold the fundamental British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs. We prioritise the spiritual, moral, cultural, and social development of every student in addition to his or her academic progress.


To encourage students to partake in a range of challenging and creative extra-curricular activities. These are designed to ensure the development of rounded and grounded learners and confident individuals who can contribute positively within the school and to both their local and international communities.


To create an inclusive environment of mutual respect and understanding of different cultures and values in order to maximise the experience of living in Europe and Romania and to foster a sense of interconnectedness and community value. 

Health and Safety

To provide a safe and physically secure environment at which both student and parent may feel confident and assured that all precautions and national and international guidelines have been followed.


To maintain buildings and grounds that encourage a sense of pride of place and connection to the natural world.