Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Mission Statement

At Cambridge School of Bucharest, our principle mission is to create a forward-thinking academic environment that prepares students for the 21st century with a keen focus on their spiritual, moral, and social development. Through wide-ranging, interconnected academic application, we aim to nurture independent and broad-minded global citizens who possess the qualities of innovation and consensus-built leadership necessary to effect positive change in both their local and international communities. To that end, we offer an inclusive education that provides support and encouragement to gifted and talented students and those with unique educational needs alike. We are committed to fostering individuals who possess a strong sense of citizenship, responsibility for their environmental impact, cultural respect, along with a sense of duty and an appreciation of hard work. 

School Values

As a caring and committed international community, we aim to provide an open-minded and supportive atmosphere through a climate of commitment, empathy and open communication.

Throughout all aspects of school life we celebration our school values, alongside the Fundamental British values

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