Extra-curricular activities enrich the experience of pupils at Cambridge School. We believe that making opportunities available in such areas as music, drama, sports, and the humanities reinforces the academic advancement of our pupils while contributing to their social, emotional, spiritual, and cultural development.

Our Student Union offers an important opportunity for our school to give back to the local community and to reinforce democratic principles with student representative elections. An events team, made up of Key Stage 4 and 5 students, helps co-ordinate a series of annual fundraising events in support of local charities. Over recent years we have hosted World Heart Day events, our annual Halloween party, as well as bake sales, jeans days, and other fundraising activities. We have worked with a number of local orphanages through our charity work and have provided opportunities for pupils and parents alike to support the local community.

We offer a number of such field trips each year to pupils across all age groups and subject areas. These give pupils the opportunity to take their learning into the wider world and experience the real-world relevance of the subjects they are studying.

Cambridge School of Bucharest also prides itself on its range of after-school clubs and activities. We aim to give all pupils the opportunity to participate in their choice of activities in order to develop their skills in various areas. The activities on offer include: Modern Languages, Archery, Football, Basketball, Art, Music, Chess, Karate, Debate, and Dance. Our Key Stage 3 pupils also take full responsibility for running the Cambridge School newspaper. Volunteers write, edit, and organise the running of the paper on a monthly basis.

Similarly, our students have recently taken part in model UN and NATO conferences in conjunction with students in other schools across the city. Such activities allow pupils to develop their awareness of contemporary issues as young, global citizens while having the opportunity to interact and work with groups from other local schools.