Director's Welcome

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Cambridge School of Bucharest.

Rita Maalouf pic 1.jpgIn these exciting and fast changing times, our goal at CSB is to educate pupils and to bring out their full potential by nurturing their learning and providing new possibilities. Our supportive staff create a unique experience that brings learning alive, while instilling solid values and essential life skills.  Our broad, balanced, and structured curriculum provides a fertile starting ground for students from Nursery to Year 13.

The vibrant atmosphere in our school is one of the numerous characteristics that makes us unique. In our school, we have achieved a caring and motivating family environment wherein students and teachers are the life-force that enables our school to develop and cultivate future generations of independent, creative, and logical thinkers.

CSB reserves a special place in the hearts of all students who have studied here over the years. Our view that a school should be a natural extension of the family holds true even after graduation, and, as the years pass, our alumni continuously come back to visit and to take part in activities that improve our school.

It is not a simple task for parents to choose a school for their child. By offering a combination of a warm-hearted milieu and excellent learning standards, with CSB the decision is effortlessly easy to make.

While our website provides an insight into our community, we would welcome the opportunity to show you our school and for you to meet our students, who are our greatest diplomats.

Rita Hayek Maalouf