I am very fond of your school, especially the curricula and some of the teachers. I have chosen Cambridge School 9 years ago for the curricula. 

As long as you keep your educational level as high as possible, I will do my best to keep the possibility of giving my two daughters the chance to continue their studies at CSB.

Mrs. Simona Iliuta

I have to confess that I am particularly pleased with the curricula and the professionalism of those involved in the educational process. My whole experience with your school has been so far a successful one from all points of view, and I am happy to have chosen you to build my son’s future together!                                 

Dr. Mihaela Paligora    

It is a great pleasure for me to share my experience so far with Cambridge School as a parent.  During this three-month period since my son started to attend Cambridge School, I am witnessing some special changes in the way he understands his mission in life. As the days go by, he becomes more and more aware of the importance of the education, changing his childish way of thinking into a much deeper one.

It is obvious that without a great team of talented teachers and trainers, a sense of responsibility, and a lot of patience, all this would not have happened.

As a parent I am trustful that every day I leave my son at the entrance of this school that a new brick is added to the foundation of a strong and lasting education.

I dare to congratulate the school’s leadership and the team of teachers for the way they understand their role in children's education.

Mrs. Madalina Albinescu

My experience of CSB is that it offers an excellent educational environment where students are challenged and supported so that they can develop and succeed both academically and as individuals. I feel that my time at CSB has equipped me with the motivation and transferable skills necessary to thrive as a young professional.

Denisa Ion (Alumna)

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