Student Union

Student Union

Our Student Union is the vehicle by which the school brings its staff and student body in unison. Through the Union’s student elections, we aim to deepen our students’ understanding of the democratic process, community leadership, and student voice. At the start of each academic year, students interested in being a part of our Student Union as class representatives stand for election. As students campaign, our PSHE programme runs specialised courses on what true leadership is and how casting a vote gives voice to students. These campaigns culminate in a school-wide Election Day. Guest speakers are brought in to address our student body on the topics above and all students make their electoral choices. After the votes are tallied, our School Director welcomes a new cohort of student representatives to the Student Union.

Members of the Student Union do more than simply represent their respective classes. They take part in and offer a student voice to all events held on campus, administrative decisions on uniforms and classes, charitable donations, community outreach, and much, much more.

  •  Interschool Athletics Grand Prix
    Interschool Athletics Grand Prix

    Cambridge School of Bucharest was proud to organise the 6th edition of Interschool Athletics Grand P

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  • Interschool Talent Show
    Interschool Talent Show

    Congratulations to all CSB students who participated in the Avenor College Interschool Talent Show! 

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  • Safer Internet Day 2018
    Safer Internet Day 2018

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    Our students have sent away 122 shoeboxes for children across the region this Christmas as part of t

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  • CEO Clubs
    CEO Clubs

    Thank you for an inspirational evening CEO Clubs International - Europe.

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