Frequent questions

May a student who is registered for use of the school bus otherwise leave the school without parental consent?
 The school’s responsibility to parents requires driving children home with the bus. In the case that the student violates this rule without notice to the supervisor or the director, a warning is issued to him/her that threatens him with probation from using the bus services for a certain period decided by the administration.
My sons were registered with the school bus, and we were obliged to travel for a couple of days. Is it possible to change the address for a short period of time?
In such cases, parents have to contact the school’s administration and send a written letter that includes detailed information, specifically the names of the children, the temporary new address, and the exact period of travel.
What will occur to the student in case he doesn’t follow the school’s instructions related to his/her own behavior inside the school bus? 
In case of repetitive violations, the administration will address a letter of written warning to the child, thus forbidding the student from using the school bus for a period of time. This letter is to be signed by the parents, and returned to the school.
Is partial registration for bus transportation accepted for one or two terms?
Registration for bus transportation should be done for the whole academic year and, as such, a partial registration will not be accepted for one or two terms. Moreover, the registration should be completed at the beginning of each academic year.
May we leave our kids waiting on the school’s premises for at least half an hour after the school day ends?
Parents of children taking private transportation should arrive no later than 8:15 in the morning and allow their kids to wait no more than 20 minutes after the school day ends.
What happens in case of a student’s absence?
In the case of a student’s absence from school on an ordinary day (not including an exam day nor not preceding a day of an exam), the student should bring a written letter that justifies the causes of absence upon his/her return to school. In the case of monthly exams assigned in advance, the student should submit a medical report.
What is the required procedure for meeting teachers to ask about students? 
Parents cannot meet directly with teachers. Parents should call the school in order to schedule a meeting with the AQCs or the director.
My son has lost a personal item. Where can I find it?
All lost items are saved in a special closet. The student may retrieve his/her personal belongings or his/her parents may come to the school to collect them upon recognition.


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