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Ecological activity

            On the 27th September 2014, Grade XI students have participated in a tree planting activity organized by Miss Alexandra, the economics teacher at Saftica on the outskirts of Bucharest. A total of 15 trees were planted, of the species Thuja Occidentalis, which is widely cultivated throughout the world.

            Following the recommended instructions, Thuja Occidentalis was chosen because of its wide cultivation throughout the world and its resistance to weather conditions. The saplings were bought from the local suppliers, with the funds being sponsored by the Cambridge School of Bucharest. The local community was very helpful providing generous help, advice and guidance to greatly help our students and senior teachers who partake in this environmental endeavor, each of them planting a single tree.
            On the morning of the 27th September, students from Grade XI were arrived with the school bus at the tree planting site, while another bus carried trees bought from the local supplier. Our guide from the local community gave us a brief tour of the surroundings and directed us to the field of soft soil, perfect for planting trees. The generous local community provided us with the necessary equipment and gave practical help on the procedure of planting trees. Our students welcomed the work ahead of them with much enthusiasm and eagerness but carefully planted their own unique coniferous trees.
            While the tree planting proved challenging to our students, our students faced their challenge with the spirit of cooperation, helping each other to plant their coniferous sapling, with high hopes for its growth and development.
            After the arduous task, our students and teachers gathered around the little patch of fine soil, to take a memorable photo of their accomplishment and effort. Afterwards, they have enjoyed a presentation about the two MBTelecom Roboscans that have been awarded with the first prize at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (the only organization that has ever won two Grand Prix at Geneva), they have seen a private old mobile collection and finally they have enjoyed a horse show and a horse ride.

Environmental Online Climate Change Activity

High school students have expressed their enthusiasm, excitement and the willingness to dedicate to the project as well as the ability to persuade people about the rapid deterioration of the climate of earth. The Echo team, formed from high school students willing to raise the awareness about the changes in climate has decided to distribute flyers and bracelets to our fellow students.

            Flyers were chosen because the Echo team held the belief that flyers are an excellent method of delivering essential information to the public and the bracelets as excellent way of demonstrating our colleagues pledge to help with the change in the environment.
            Our high school students in the Echo team spent more than a month preparing the design and production of the flyers and bracelets, with the full support of our educational institution in the provision of equipment and our coordinator, Miss Alexandra, in the provision guidance and advice. The bracelets were completely made manually by the combined effort of the members of Echo team with the flyers being electronically designed based on the ideas given by our high school students.

          A total of about 300 flyers and 150 bracelets were distributed among our colleagues.
The distribution of the flyers and bracelets received overwhelmingly positive results because of the support that our fellow classmates has given us. The flyers and bracelets were especially popular for the middle school and primary school students with a majority of high school students giving encouragements and providing support for our efforts of convincing and informing the others about the climate change.
The students have passed the flyers from one to another and viewed the bracelets as a pledge and promise of their further dedication in helping and protecting the improvement of the climate and environment.

Water Footprint Campaign

             As the snow of December foretells the coming of Santa Claus, our students from Grade XI worked tirelessly in their arduous task of organizing the most interesting activities for their younger fellows, with the purpose of raising the awareness of the young people about the importance of water in the daily life of each and every member of our community and the need to conserve this ever dwindling resource that had given life to the beauty of biodiversity. Grade XI, answering to the global effort of environmental protection organized by Environmental Online, had prepared for weeks in advance, with hours of tireless work, with the intention or delivering the most easily comprehensible, the most interesting and the most effective message about the importance of water in our society.
            The Echo Team worked enthusiastically with our Teacher Coordinator, Miss Alexandra, in the planning of these activities, using advanced techniques such as division of labor, management by objective and democratic style of management. The Echo Team separated into separate teams, each with their own specific task. Group discussions were frequent, together with our teacher, about new, better and easier ideas to be used in raising the awareness about the scarcity of water, with constant debating, arguments and proposals by our enthusiastic and energetic students. However, despite their differences, our students were more than happy to work with each other, improving their friendship, cooperation and understanding through their arduous work of preparing the festivities for the younger ones. Some team members worked on promoting our work through the social media and designing computer elements to make our message as attractive and appealing as possible. Other team members worked tirelessly to gather the necessary information, data and statistics to form the solid backbone of our arguments, which were delivered by another team, who were excited to speak to all of our fellow students about the necessity of water conservation, asking the young adults to not only take responsibility themselves at controlling the use of the precious water, but also to help others to be aware of the importance of their actions at protecting our only planet and to continue spreading our message to everyone around them.
Furthermore, other team members organized numerous activities for the younger children to participate in, with the intention of using games as a mean of strengthening their memory about the importance of water and their responsibility in its conservation and protection. The younger children participated in sport activities and pledged their sincere, genuine and honest pledges on the writing boards, helped us promote our activity through the social media by attempting to draw attention to the importance of our project and participated in a mysterious scavenger hunt throughout the school, with the prizes being carefully hidden by the members of the project. The Echo Team does not plan to stop in its progression towards a better environment and will keep on working to promote the importance of water, the necessity of conservation and desire for a better planet on which we could thrive.

Batteries recycling

The grade 10 "Echo Team CSB" is pursuing a new environmental friendly challenge! One of the main problems that our environment has to face is the low level of recycling. We need to make a change and the only way to do this is little by little. So, we've started to recycle used batteries. Contribute to saving the planet together with us! Bring your used batteries to feed the pink piggy box and make a difference!?






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